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Welcome to my Kigra Software website, a solo effort to produce various utilities and casual games as an independent software developer. More about me and my design philosophy… Thanks for visiting. Sincerely, Stephen R. Kifer

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Mar 7, 2013 - For various reasons, I have decided to pull my old WordPress-based site and start using Org Mode to generate my website. If things go well, I'll provide a little more detail about the whys and hows later.

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Here are the various apps and games that I have released so far. There are many more on my todo list…



ASCII Adventures

I am intrigued by the design challenge of writing games within a limited scope (for more see my about page).

ASCII Adventures

Diagonal Diversions

Kids Games

U.S. Federal Utilities

So far I have released one app (iPhone & Android versions) and some spreadsheets that would only be of interest to employees of the Unites States Federal Goverment (my day job).

Federal Applications & Utilites


Coming soon… (I'm working on documenting some of the many things I've figured out in developing software.

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